Student Reference
Art and Music 
Find the work of your favorite artist.
The world's greatest artists and links to see their work.

Activities in all of the Arts!

Popular Music overview

Sound Effects -
Download free sounds for your multimedia projects here.

Free Play Music
Downloadable mp3 files for multimedia projects!

An adventure in Art History (recommended by art teacher)

Visual elements principals of art 

Christmas Clipart 
Make a Christmas Card with this clipart.

Language Arts / News / Reading

the Mystery
Use clues to figure out 
"Who owns the dragon?"
Box Scrabble 
Test your vocabulary!
Well, that's what it is! The ABC's!
Magickey Online Books
Read an elementary book while online.

Washington Post for Kids 
Read current news articles from a world news leader.
Yaks Corner
An really cool online magazine for kids with news and stories.

Time for Kids
Time magazine for kids - contains kid news and more.

Children's Reading Room 
More online Books.
Online Dictionary + other word tools.
The poem you're looking for is probably here.

WorldBook  Encyclopedia 
A to Z encyclopedia for kids doing research.
Clip Art 1
Add a picture to your homework by clicking the right mouse button,
copy, then paste where needed.
Clip Art 2
Classroom clipart for your projects in school!

Clip Art from Microsoft 
For your "downloaded 
files" folder. Just type
what you need in the search box.
Babelfish Translator
Translates several languages so you can understand in

Afloat Game 
In this spelling game, you can
choose your own topics.
Visit Dr. Seuss on this page.

Wow! 1000's of online book titles ...mostly for
older students.

  By Author
Another collection of classic online books. Mostly for older students.
Spin and Spell 
 An fun online spelling game.

 General Education Fun

Several cool 
educational games to learn with.

A great place to begin your 

A collection of educational programs for K-5 students.

A fun way for kids to learn facts about stuff they like.
PreK - 5th Grade Educational Games.
Type the letters before the student gets stung!

Lots of fun learning with Garfield!

Girls go Tech!
Click start to play 
Then type the word or letter
to make the worm clear the letters. 

Global Classroom 
Interactive Web sites for the student. 


Virtual Math 
REALLY cool Interactive math site for
 grades K and up! All types of math exercises.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Probability Goodies

Addition Machine
3 levels of addition. See how many 
points you can earn.

Subtraction Machine 
3 levels of subtraction. See how many points you can earn.

Guess The Number 
See if you can guess the number in less than 6 tries.
Place Value Golf  
Play this fun game and work with place values!

Enter a number, see how to write it.
Drag & Drop Tangrams where you choose.

Math Quizzes Online
Practice your addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing.

Adding Sums 
Guess the correct tile to see a picture 
Stop the clones 
Figure out the function/formula to stop the 
creations of this mad scientist!
100 Squares or Scribble Square
Drag & Drop to play any sort of 
math game you can invent or just explore patterns.
Multiplication Trees 
See how many multiplication answers you can guess 
Write or Multiplication Table Hide
Use when learning the 
multiplication tables.

Multiplication Machine
How many correct answers can you get in 
a row?

Multiplication Tables  
Review, Study, Practice, Test!
How many correct answers can you get in 
a row?

3rd - 5th grade Algebra Practice.

Do you know their properties?

fun way to learn and practice math.
Check out the math games and other math helpers at this site.
An easy to learn "Drag and Drop" game to learn
counting skills.
Funbrain lets you play a baseball game to learn math.

Graph It 
Make a bar graph on the spot!

Choose your level!

Equivalent Fractions
Use this 
page to find the decimal of a fraction
Use this site to test your skills with ruler measurements!

Cash Out
Make change for the customer.

Different Levels to count out change. See how many correct
answers you can get.

Teach R kids math - Take a timed or just practice 
several math test online. You pick the level.

A new angle to teach 

Protractors Plus
Investigating with a 
Virtual Protractor. Cool!!!!

First In Math - Use your login provided by the school to get into 
this sight. 


Enchanted Learning
Learn About your favorite animals.

Animal Classifications
Learn the animal classification 
Guess before you get eaten!

-McGraw-Hill Science.

Science Reference Desk 
A real goldmine for science buffs.
KY Coal

The Atoms Family
A fun way to learn about science, and yes, Atoms!
Invention Dimension
Inventors need to begin here.

Electronic Zoo
Click on the animal to find all the information you

All Wild 
About Kentucky Environment!


Weather Pictures

 Social Studies

Find out about any country and data about that country

Bens Guide to Government 
Learn about the US Government
with Ben 

Road to the revolution
See what your know about the causes of the American Revolution 

information on Colonial Williamsburg, 
center place of the early colonial 
From Paul Revere to the Election of a new President,
George Washington!

New Nation
Time to write our Constitution!

Kids, Researching the US Presidents? Here they are! (Great for
2nd-3rd grades)

Test your US State geography. Put the state in the right place.

US History
History.org has a lot of colonial information.  

Civil War - A collection of civil war links.

State Information
Get started with your state research here!

Mr Dowlings Virtual Passport 
Browse the world (grades 4-9).
Visit the "Whitehouse for Kids" site and take a tour of the
President's home.
Whitehouse ABC's 
Learn some cool facts about the Whitehouse.
Information you can use while researching Africa.
Visit the Amazon (South America) Kids and see how they live.

Information (maps, currency, government, etc.) on any country in the world.

Be the U.S. President 
PBS' Democracy Project to understand the
President's job.

Miss Maggie's Missions
Help Maggie save the earth with these exciting
online missions.
5th grade students click here to take a history alive

The History of Taps and a sound file to hear it.
Hurricane Katrina Pictures - Scroll down this page 
to see the damage done during Katrina.


Learn how to throw a curve ball and
 other interesting ball facts.

UK Basketball 
The University of Kentucky's Official Web Site.
U of L Basketball 
University of Louisville.

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