Teachers Reference

 Teacher Resource Web Sites!


ArtsEdNet -****Art galleries, lesson plans, and ideas.

Datadragon -***Music Education.

Drama ****Creative Drama projects for younger students.

EducationWorld - ***This link will take you to the Arts section of EdWorld. Great Resource.

Kinderart - ***Art lesson plans and ideas for young children.

MusicResources -*****Music Resources!

- ***** How to make playdough!

Top30Artists - ****Artcyclopedia's Top artists and their work.


Language Arts / Reading / Reference

Alphabuddies/ ****Teaches letters. Needs teacher assistance.

AmericasLibrary - America's Library, great for Social Studies Lessons

ClassicReader - Wow! 1000's of online book titles ...mostly for older students....but we had to include it! (By Author)

Dictionary - ***Online Dictionary + other word tools.

EisenhowerClearinghouse - ***Educational News for Teachers. Good for a quick 'Article Review

KentuckyDept.ofEducation-****Kentucky Department of Education.

KyVirtualLibrary - ****Kentucky Virtual Library

Libraryspot - ***Library Spot has dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, maps, etc

MagicKeys - ***Read an online book to your Elementary Students.

Newspapers - ***Click here for any Newspaper you want.

On Demand Writing
- Samples, explanations, etc

Page By Page books - Another collection of classic online books. Mostly for older students. (By Author)

Poems - ***The poem you're looking for is probably here

Six Trait Analytical Model - ****Jefferson County Mode

USDept.ofEd. -****U.S. Department of Education.

USATodayNewspaper - ****Probably the best online newspaper available.

- **One more Online Book resource for Elementary Children.

Dictionary - ****A seemingly endless supply of dictionary resources! You have to check this one out.

Power Point Collection - Jefferson County has created this PowerPoint collection that you can download. LOTS of great teaching tools!

More PowerPoint Collections - From Dixie Elementary School

UnitedStreaming- Video Lesson Tools for teachers 


Lesson Plans (all subjects)

BusyTeacher - ***Lessons, links, and class room activities for K-12 Teachers.

Gateway - ****US Dept. of Ed/ERIC Clearinghouse Lesson Plans.

LessonTutor - **Lessons divided by subj. & grade, also offers some printable pages.

- ***Great Subject Ideas from the US Department of Education.

LessonPlans - *****Lesson plans for all subjects and grades.

PreschoolGames - ***This page had so much for preschool, it was hard not to include on our list.

- *****Scroll down for a massive list of lesson plans and teacher helps.




Coins - ***Coin templates to copy/paste

Math - ****Ideas for learning Math

Online Math League
- **Various sites to help students learn math


Printable Pages

Critical Thinking - **** Need an afternoon filler?

DiscoverySchool - ****Worksheets to go. All Subjects.

- **** You might be able to use these holiday pages.

Kidpages - **Free PreK - 5 worksheets.

- ****Great pages for all elementary subjects.

Math Sheet Generator - *****Makes multiple types of math sheets and keys.

Multiplication- ***Multiplication games, worksheets and more.

- Help's elementary students learn basic music theory.

Puzzlemaker - *****Pick from several puzzle styles and make your own printout.

Rubistar Rubrics - *****Need a Rubric? Design your own here!

Rubric Maker - *****Another Rubric site, but these are pre-made for quicker printout. Just add title.

- ***** Early Childhood worksheets from Phonics to Numbers.


Resources (Link Pages)

Commonwealth Center for Instructional Technology and Learning ****Instructional Helps
ABCTeach - ***More Educational Web Resources.

- ****Educational Resources Information Center.

AlphabetSoup - **Resources.

AtoZTeacherstuff - **More Web Resources

Behavior - *** Behavioral modifications & tips

Clip Art - ***A good source of clip at sites

Clip Art from Microsoft
- ****Download Clips" for MicrosoftWord. See "Download"

- **Teacher2Teacher Resources.

CreativeTeaching - **For the creative teacher minds.

EducationPlanet **Resources.

Kidzone - ***Resources +

K-8Resources - **K8 Teaching Resources.

Legends - Is this email for real?

LearningPage - ***More Resources.

Multiple Intelligences Survey - **** Find out which intelligence you are.

ProTeacher - **Resources.

Spanish/English Translation Guides - Printable Charts to show Spanish to English Translations

SurvivalGuide - *****Teacher Survival Guides, misc. info.

Sites for Teachers - ****Start here for classroom Web Resources.

SnaithResources - **Thinking things from Snaith (K-8 Resources)

TeachersCorner - **Resources.

TeachersFirst - ***** A rich collection of lessons and web resources.

TeachersTeach-nologyResources- ***** 'Best of the web' Teacher Resource site.

KY Listserv
- join a group of KY peers to discuss specific topics.

Smart Board Lessons - even if you don't use "Smart" technology - get some ideas here.

Whiteboard Links - ideas for whiteboard users.

More Whiteboard Sites and also here Even More Whiteboard Resources

Promethean Planet - More whiteboard resources (PES has our own password - see the Computer Lab for details)

PowerPoint Pages- Jefferson County, TN. Powerpoint links



http://www.nsta.org/ - National Science Teachers Association



Social Studies

50States - ****Folders for each state with helpful info for your research.

Historyplace - **Various Online History Exhibits.

-***What happened today in history?

Our Local Legislators
-**** Want to write the president, mayor, or congressman?

-***U.S. History focuses on U.S. Colonial History.

World Book of Facts - ****Find out about any country and data about that country.

Educational Software
- Download Free Maps of the world to your hard drive here - all free of charge.



BillGates - ****See some thoughts from Bill Gates on Education.

- **Need a web based lesson during computer time? Try this K-5 site.

UnitedStreaming - *****Video Lesson Tools for teachers 

WebTeacher - ****Computer answers to computer questions you may have.


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