JES Afternoon Pickup Procedure


At Jamestown Elementary School, we utilize a procedure in the afternoon which allows parents to drive around to the front entrance of the school and pick up children.  The system was developed in conjunction with the Kentucky Center for School Safety and works as follows:

  • Parents planning to pick up will be issued 6 laminated copies of a number assigned to your child(ren).Each child will have a tag clipped to his/her clothing with the corresponding number.Anyone picking up your child will need the number, or will need to park and come in to show identification and let us ensure they are on your pickup list before signing your child out.In this way we will be sure that only people YOU authorize will pick up your child.

  • Numbers are designed to hang on the rear view mirror to be easily seen.Having the number ready when driving through helps the procedure run smoothly and quickly for everyone involved.If you do not have your number, we will ask you to come in.

  • Due to safety concerns such as ambulance, fire, etc. we have been asked not to block the lanes in front of our building.For instance, in the event of a fire, students will walk across the parking lot to the grassy area, and it is NOT recommended that they walk through a line of waiting cars.We release students at 2:30 pm; first responders recommend opening the pickup line at 2:25.I respectfully request that you do not arrive prior to 2:25 to pick up children.For safety reasons, we cannot have traffic backed up on the road, and we simply do not have enough physical space for cars to sit and wait for the line to open.Please do not come early to sit and wait.

  • If everyone arrives at 2:25, the procedure is slower and traffic backs up on the road, which is dangerous.If some of you could plan to arrive at 2:30, 2:35, 2:40, or even 2:45, your wait will be significantly decreased and traffic will not back up.I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and help in this matter!

  • Finally, while in line, for obvious safety reasons, please do not pass cars loading children in front of you unless directed by a staff member.

It is my hope that this procedure continues to work smoothly to provide convenience for you and safety for all of our children.  My staff and I will brave the weather, and you will be able to stay in the comfort of your car.  I’m pleased to be able to do this for you, and thankful for your cooperative attitude and patience with us.  I tell everyone who will listen how wonderful Jamestown parents are.  I truly appreciate each of you and am so glad for the opportunity to work with you and love and serve your children.

Diane S. Blankenship, Principal

Jamestown Elementary  School


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