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Educational Enhancement Opportunity (EHO)

To request an absence to attend or participate in an educational activity, please complete this application form an return it to the school principal at least five (5) days prior to the absence.  Such an absence as requested by this signed application and approved by the school principal, will be considered an excused absence.  The major intent of the activity must be educational in order for the student to be granted this type of absence.  The proposed activity must have significant educational value and be composed of an intensive program related to the core curriculum (e.g. art programs, dance programs, State Fair activities, workshops that are educational in nature, college visits, etc.).  The Principal will use his/her good judgment to determine if the activity meets guidelines.  A student may be approved for up to ten (10) days of absence per year for this purpose.  Students who are granted an absence under this law will be allowed to make up all school work.  Student grades cannot be affected by lack of attendance or participation in classes for approved days.  This type of absence cannot occur during the school’s Testing or District-wide assessments, unless there are extenuating circumstances that are approved by the Principal.  Decisions may be appealed to the Superintendent and then to the Board of Education.

Click here for the EHO application

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